Capsule wardrobe: Project 333

I wore only 33 items of clothing for work for 3 months.

How to begin?
1. Choose 2-4 main colours
2. Choose categories you will be using (I went for tops,
 bottoms, shoes, and accessories)
3. Chose wisely :) and enjoy!

What I learnt?
1. Creativity with the outfits and a lot about my wardrobe.
2. Outerwear should not be really counted into my challenge... Especially that these are just clothes for work and the Polish weather is unstable to say the least!
3. I missed denim jeans... but not THAT much.

What are the benefits?
1. I never spent more than a couple of minutes to decide on my outfit.
2. Examining my wardrobe and snapping pictures proved handy to assess the condition of the selected items.
3. I do not think that there were any two same looks. Even at the end of my challenge, a colleague complimented me on my new look!

Will I go for it again?
For sure! I will wear the same clothes for work everyday for a couple of days and then I'll give it a go once again. Cutting down the number of used colours is a great rule that I will stick to.

And here are my outfits :) Sometimes shoeless given that I frequently work from home ;)

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