Minimalism: why and how?

If you sometimes get the impression that you do not have time for anything, let alone reflection on the questions "why" and "how"... I hope that after reading this note you will find a moment for it. Thanks to minimalism hopefully you could understand (just like me) how crucial is this basic activity. I will tell you my story by answering those two essential questions.
Why did I choose minimalism? The reason was untoward, really. Minimalism came into my life because of superabundance. Because of excess. Excess of things around me, excess of my own requirements set for myself but also because of some lacks... Lack of "my own thing" that I always pursued, but could now really name it/ Lack of a true passion that could bring more value to my life and give me the stamina and perseverance to act.

The reason was depression. Depression that suddenly appeared in my life, seemingly without any special reason. I just felt that I had to slow down. The calmness ca…

Just be.

Feel the sun rays against your skin. Let the wind play with your hair. Run your hands through the sand. Watch the clouds flow through... Smell the air. Hear the waves as they hit the rocks nearby. Taste the saltiness of water.
Use all your senses. Breathe.
And be.  Just be.

Project 10x10


One of the minimalist challenges that I recently resolved to undertake is Project 10x10. I learned about it on a Polish slow life and slow fashion blog So, what's Project 10x10 all about? In short, it's about selecting 10 items of clothing for 10 days. Nothing more, nothing less. 10 clothes include tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes.10 clothes DO NOT include outerwear, lingerie, and accessories. 
 This is, for me, another level of a capsule wardrobe. We need to think of pieces of clothing that match each other and are suitable for our activities and season.  What is more, the clothes list can be amended if it originally it pans out incompatible with the weather. It perfectly addresses some problems that I had when creating my Project 333 capsule wardrobe for work. Also, it perfectly corresponds to The Minimalist cheeky take on challenges: You can do anything for ten days, right? So, this time my slow fashion community is taking part in autumn project 10x10 a…

KonMari method

It was a year ago. I was packing for a weekend trip for my birthday. I thought to myself, I will only pack the clothes that I love so that I feel special. Then another thought popped to my head: Wait, what? Why would I have any clothes that I do not love?!

This is when I decided to declutter my wardrobe and my house using the KonMari Method™.

How to prepare to be zero waste?

Soon I will start a Zero Waste month challenge. I know that this is not going to be an easy task so I started getting prepared for it a few weeks earlier.

How to prepare to be zero waste?

Observe your habits Do you frequently go shopping without your own containers or bags?
Are you buying ready-made meals in plastic or polystyrene packaging?
Or perhaps you're an avid coffe-to-go drinker?
Fortunately, all of those habits can coexist with zero waste philosophy. The only thing that you should do is be prepared and have your own containers, bottles, mugs, or bags. The latter are the most important as you can never have too much of them - in the car, purse or your workplace. You never know when you are going to need them.
With just a hint of strong will and persuasion, takeaway meals or drinks can be packed or poured into your containers or mugs. Many a time I myself managed to pack my meal or coffee like this.

Another enlightening thing is also... browsing through your bin and analy…