How to clear up your Facebook feed

Are you tired of scrolling through useless status updates, excessive number of ads and red pop-ups next to the notification icon?

Me too. Well, I was until I tried the below methods:

Profile Information

Go to your profile and edit the profile info:
Delete your city, schools or workplace.
Make your gender unknown and set your birth date to the earliest possible.

This will spare you some targeted ads and site suggestions.

Unfriend, unlike, unfollow

Take a good look on your friends lists and likes.
Are there any people you do not truly know? Why would you invite them into your life?
Are there any sites you are not interested in and bringing no value into your life? Why waste time on them?
Cut them all off. Unfriend and unlike. You can also unfollow (also the events).

Notifications and ads

Make use of 'hide ad' or 'show less notifications like this' options. It will take Facebook a while to learn whether or not you are interested in a friend responding to somebody's …

Capsule wardrobe: Project 333

I wore only 33 items of clothing for work for 3 months.

How to begin?
1. Choose 2-4 main colours
2. Choose categories you will be using (I went for tops,
 bottoms, shoes, and accessories)
3. Chose wisely :) and enjoy!

What I learnt?
1. Creativity with the outfits and a lot about my wardrobe.
2. Outerwear should not be really counted into my challenge... Especially that these are just clothes for work and the Polish weather is unstable to say the least!
3. I missed denim jeans... but not THAT much.

What are the benefits?
1. I never spent more than a couple of minutes to decide on my outfit.
2. Examining my wardrobe and snapping pictures proved handy to assess the condition of the selected items.
3. I do not think that there were any two same looks. Even at the end of my challenge, a colleague complimented me on my new look!

Will I go for it again?
For sure! I will wear the same clothes for work everyday for a couple of days and then I'll give it a go once again. Cutting down the numbe…


I decided to summarise my current way towards minimalism. I had a good think about my successes, struggles, and plans for the future.... this is how I made a list of 5 things I minimised, 5 things I am minimising and 5 things I will minimise.

5 things I minimisedBooks. Of course, I did not get rid of them completely, but significantly reduced their number. It was much easier and faster than I'd thought! All the books that I had no deeper connection with were donated to a local elderly home.Emails. Very purifying experience. You should give it a try!Cosmetics. I purged about 50% of my artillery and changed its display by using the KonMari method. This way it's easier to keep an eye on everything and there's no risk of excess.Cotton pads. While having quite a large reserve of them, I invested in a special cloth to remove my make up. Gradually, my pads reserves depleted and... I never bought them any more! The cloth really does the trick and is truly indispensable at hom…

Cats vs Zero Waste

Many concerned zero-wasters and cat owners wonder how those two can be combined, mainly when it comes to food and hygiene.
As for me, there are two basic answers: BARF and environmentally friendly kitty litter.

BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) means a diet which is the closest to natural for animals. We have to bear in mind that cats are carnivores and in natural surroundings they do not eat grains, sweets and the like. Nor do they eat dry, crispy cat food.
Although approaches how BARF should look like vary worldwide, I adopted the one endorsed by Polish BARF Foundation and include the following in Art's diet:
raw meat (both with and witout bones, minced and cut into chunks)gibletssupplements (e.g. taurine, egg yolk, fish oils, haemoglobin)water
The diet brings many great advantages, such as:
shinier furhealthier skincleaner teethhigher energy levels What is more, BARF is all about animals' individuality. The BARF menu creation should be preceded by veterinary examin…

3 Hardcore Zero Waste Practices

Zero waste will never cease to amaze me :). Still, here are some examples that seem too hardcore for me...

Peeing in the shower
Arguments in favour, such as saving water, hygenic and health reasons, smaller toilet paper usage and the fact that allegedly everybody does it do not convince me... So far.
Dumpster diving Also known as freeganism. It means nothing else than looking for food and other articles in the dumpster. Although I am a co-owner of a cofeetable of a dumpster origin, the prospect of trashcan food from an unknown source bewilders me. Of course, prior to dumpster diving spree, you need loads of knowledge and a pinch of luck...
This topic is vital and necessary as the masses of food wasted worldwide are even more bewildering... Yet personally, before dumpster diving, I opt for foodsharing.
Cats using the toilet Teaching cats to use the toilet is contrary to their nature. Depriving them of a comfortable position and opportunity to bury their droppings can cause serious be…