How to clear up your Facebook feed

Are you tired of scrolling through useless status updates, excessive number of ads and red pop-ups next to the notification icon?

Me too. Well, I was until I tried the below methods:

Profile Information

Go to your profile and edit the profile info:
Delete your city, schools or workplace.
Make your gender unknown and set your birth date to the earliest possible.

This will spare you some targeted ads and site suggestions.

Unfriend, unlike, unfollow

Take a good look on your friends lists and likes.
Are there any people you do not truly know? Why would you invite them into your life?
Are there any sites you are not interested in and bringing no value into your life? Why waste time on them?
Cut them all off. Unfriend and unlike. You can also unfollow (also the events).

Notifications and ads

Make use of 'hide ad' or 'show less notifications like this' options. It will take Facebook a while to learn whether or not you are interested in a friend responding to somebody's comment but it's worth it.

All the steps that I took resulted in a clearer (and shorter) usage of Facebook and it's easier to stay in touch with the ones that I truly care about.

Have you tried decluttering your Facebook feed? What are your hacks?

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