How to be zero waste in the office?


How to be zero waste in the office? … or at least produce less waste and be more eco-friendly? The 4 R’s will help you!
Zero waste movement is all about reducing waste so as not to pollute the environment. Although producing no rubbish at all may be harder to accomplish, let’s see what we can do every day in the office to create less of it. Let the 4 R’s guide you!

1.   Refuse
Refuse any single-use appliances like plastic straws in your beverages, cutlery, plastic cups for water or paper cups for tea and coffee. Opt for reusables instead (as in R #3 below).

Water from my cup. More stylish, less wasteful. It’s a win-win!

2.   Reduce
Reduce the amount of used paper. Digitize your notes and reminders; use your cell phone to have quicker access to them – but make sure to comply with your company's security rules. Also, writing down passwords is not only wasteful; it is also not secure. Store your passwords in a secure way using a recommended application. Avoid printing documents as the most updated versions are usually stored online. If necessary, print double-sided.

3.   Reuse
When ordering takeaway drink or food, ask if it is possible to pack it into your cup or container. You can take the leftovers with you with less chance of spilling plus you won’t need constant trips to the bin!

I have never encountered any problems with ordering
 a drink or a meal to my container.

4.   Recycle
Take a while to check how to dispose of your waste in an environmentally-friendly way so that some of the rubbish could be recycled. The waste does not magically disappear when binned, but starts a long journey, so why not make it easier?

Do you have any doubts, questions or ideas? Please leave a comment so we can discuss :). 

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