Zero waste challenge

I recently came up with a small 30-day zero waste challenge. One day equals one mission on the way to zero waste. I decided to walk the walk and took it up immediately. Here are my results...

But first, take a look at the challenge itself :)

What's in my trashcan? Kitty litter, food and veggies leftovers, plastics from sweets and juice bottles, cardboard and papers and a number of beer bottles.
What to do with it? Leftovers soup (already begun collecting it), reducing sweets, buying leaf tea (will start it as soon as I am finished with all my reserves). Make my own juices and segregate papers, metals and what not. I am already segregating glass. I will do my best to start composting as soon as I move to my dream home.
I did. I do! I usually use plastic containers and bags made out of a curtain :).
Went to a bar with my colleagues. Ordered a beer and specifically told the barman not to give me the straw. Everything went smoothly (including the beer!)
I ordered a coffee in Caffè Nero and they had absolutely no issues pouring it into my bottle.
My pick.
This one's natural for me. I have been doing it for years but still - each time when I forget about my bag, I "punish" myself by buying more expensive - yet environmentally friendly - paper bags. The best way to avoid this forgetfulness is to have a few bags at hand: at home by the door, in the car, at workplace.
That's not the easiest one so the day earlier I made a small list of what I need to cut down on:
- contact lens
- plastic clothes
- buying food and drink in plastic containers

So here I was, wearing my glasses and comfy, cotton clothes and ordering pizza in a cardboard box with a bunch of friends :)
My latest hit is package-free pistachios :)
I donated some warm clothes for the needy.
Freshly squeezed orange juice FTW!
I made my own ratatouille. Ate it for three days :)
I initially intended to go visit a bar serving amazing smoothies in jars (and offering discounts for bringing them back) but their and my working hours make that virtually impossible... So I made my way towards a big marketplace and found a great shop with spices, tea and coffee... And treated myself to some smoked paprika - from their jar to my own container. Yay!
My accomplishments here would be using digital notes and not buying public transport paper tickets - I'm using an app instead :)
This day meant more time for my hobby - theatre rehearsals! And there was absolutely no time to fall into the internet addiction.
A morning walk during one of the first freezing days... Highly recommend :)
Went full vegan - not only when it comes to diet ;). It one of the more challenging days but it was really enjoyable - especially given the beetroot burger which was awesome. Also a big shout-out to my fiancé who took up this day of challenge with me :).
I am preparing some costumes for the charity play that I participate in and a great deal of the gadgets are upcycled!
Easy peasy. Who needs it every day anyway?
Another big challenge but I managed to make it without my phone - of course being with my closest ones and knowing they are okay was crucial. By avoiding the constant scrolling and checking my phone I managed to finish reading a great book - what a great zero waste move!
Glass was an obvious choice for me as it is collected nearby but I also have to make an extra effort to recycle paper (but I usually do it at work).
It was a bit hard for me. But I managed to skip shower this day (I did it after midnight, though) and learn great stuff about cosmetic properties of rice water :)
read one and I wrote one.
I had so many perfectly good leftovers... In my fridge, in my numerous containers, in my guilty-pleasure-sweets box... I had intended to go shopping this day but I learned that I'm fine with what I have. What a relief!
Today I'm all about organic: cashmere sweater, cotton pants and woolen coat.
Everything that I ate this day was prepared by me. And a friend :). What a rewarding experience!
Although my list of must haves included a few things (e.g. a bamboo spork and mason jar), I opted for Bee's Wrap :).
I met a friend for the first time in months and decided to take the plunge and fill her in on a zero waste lifestyle. She was really supportive and also shared her small victories in the zero waste area.
I reused what I had (and found) to pack a present for my friend. What a feeling!
I supported Foodsharing Cracow! I left some goodies and helped myself to a loaf of bread from the local bakery which supports this wonderful idea as well. It was one of the more interesting experiences as of late!
My tights and a T-shirt desperately needed repairing. Fixed! That's something that I really want to do more often.

To summarise, it was a really enjoyable challenge. Some of the days were extremely tough while sometimes I caught myself on completing 3-4 quests during one day!

Are you willing to take up the challenge? Perhaps you already have? I would love to hear from you - you have my full support <3

Just remember that 1 day=1 challenge and do feel free to complete them in an optional order. You sure can adapt the challenge to your lifestyle but still - do bear in mind to actually challenge yourself in a way. Good luck!

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