Experiences, Not Things vol. 1 | Floating

Imagine slowing down for an hour… being just with your breath and your thoughts, no distressing or distracting sounds and views. Imagine feeling light as a feather, with no care in the world.

With floating you won’t have to imagine any more – it makes it happen!

What’s it all about? Floating is simply drifting in a capsule/huge bath (bigger than an average jacuzzi) filled with water with high concentration of Epson salt/Dead Sea salt. The temperature of water is adjusted to our bodies – it is about 35ºC/90ºF. You float without any effort and there can be relaxing music and soft lights in the background. You can also opt for no music and minimal lighting, making you deprived of 90% of external stimuli. It makes you feel at ease, free, levitating. You can practice mindful breathing or just get your mind off things. All of them.

What to take into account?
  •         I recommend taking your own earplugs and oiling your hair if you are afraid of its saltiness. Wearing a cap is not mandatory.
  •         Have a floating session late in the evening and a good night’s sleep is guaranteed!
  •          Be extra careful with the salty water – keep it out of your ears, nose, or eyes!
I think that floating can serve as the perfect gift, especially for someone enjoying water and overwhelmed by stress. It helps relax both physically and mentally. 
Have you tried it? Would you like to give or receive a gift of a floating session?


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