Minimalist's applications

There are myriad applications that can help maintain an organised and minimalistic life. Let's take a look at a couple of them.


A very minimalistic and clear application to help you organize your clothing, create and manage your capsule wardrobe, and collect inspirations. You can easily design looks even without opening your wardrobe!


Marie "KonMari" Kondo is a household name in a minimalistic world. She helped numerous people organize their stuff. The app is a handy tool to plan your purging spree: it offers the lists of the things to handle, proposes timelines, and gives tons of inspirations. 


After KonMaring my space, I use Vinted app to sell/exchange the clothes, cosmetics and the like. It is also a great tool to buy stuff that you need - everything is grouped into neat categories. I already made some great purchases and plan to minimize my visits to shopping malls or outlets in favour of Vinted.


Create shopping lists, share them with your flatmate/spouse/evil twin
and learn interesting tips and tricks about the items as you add them. It's extremely easy to browse your lists and check all the completed items. It really made my shopping more efficient and fast.


Great source of inspirations in various categories like makeup, films, or design. I, for instance,  collect all of my home & DIY ideas there.


All my apps - take a look!

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