How to pack light

Does your packing and luggage always look the same, no matter if your're going on a weekend trip or a 365 days' expedition?
Is it always a huge mess resulting in an overloaded bag that should not be carried by any living creature?

If so, you can find a few handy tips below. So how do we go about packing light anyway?

Oh, the sweet harmony.


Colours. Choose 2-4 main colours that suit you and you feel comfortable in. Selecting clothes in just a few colours will be extremely easy and not time-consuming. You may also observe what colours are dominating in your wardrobe and if there is any need for tossing the excess or acquiring some missing basic pieces. Also, playing with patterns, textures, and fabrics in a limited colour range is much safer than a collection of random, unmatching clothes. This is also a very good starting point for a capsule wardrobe (more on that coming soon!)

Accesorise. A fancy belt, oversized scarf or a long necklace can really highlight and alter your outfit. Take a while to think about your favourite gizmos that can serve as the perfect finishing touches of your style.


Hotel utensils. Always double check what your accommodation has to offer. Blankets, towels or an ironing machine are heavy and problematic to pack but they can be found in majority of the hotels or apartments.

Sharing. All the stuff that cannot be found in your destination does not have to be duplicated, right? If you have the pleasure of travelling with a companion, maybe you can pack e.g.  a hairdryer and they will cover the first aid kit?

Digitalise. Your Kindle, your cell phone, or tablet/computer are your friends. You can store all the photos, (guide)books, and maps there.


Specialise. A few days' retreat with just a mascara and eyeliner for eye make-up? Why not! I sometimes go for it to master my eyeliner game.

Multipurpose. This one has been a huge eye-opener for me. Why overpack when you can use some basic products that have versatile applications?

What are your ideas for packing light?

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