Stuff I will not minimise

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not about minimizing everything. There are, after all, some things and possessions that bring us joy and value and we are by all means entitled to save them.

Here are some things that I will not minimize:

1. Music

My Spotify playlists contain approximately 2 500 tracks. I do feel the need to have my favourite music everywhere that I go as sometimes it is my only companion. There would be something missing, was it not for the music around me.

2. DIY articles

I enjoy accessorising my clothes. I believe in recycle vs. toss approach, hence my needles, threads, and haberdasheries are here to stay. Packing presents also brings me joy so I keep a small collection of gadgets to decorate them.

3. Emails

In this day and age, the email inboxes have virtually no storage limits. Even though I am not signed up to numerous newsletters and keep my SPAM at bay, there are still many emails arriving at my inbox daily. I once deleted a very important email by accident and would not like to repeat this situation. What is more, it simply takes too much time to filter out the unnecessary items comparing to the value that it brings. Ergo maximizing on emails leads to minimizing on wasted time.

Of course, there are numerous other things that I have not minimised (or perhaps even maximised). Majority of them, are, however not material. Isn’t that beautiful?

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