Give experiences, not possessions.

My friend visited me this weekend. We haven't seen each other for ages and we have both been going through rather stressful times in our lives. 
I asked myself: what would be the best thing to give her? 
Then I rephrased the question and asked myself: what would be the best present for her?
What would I like to receive in such situation?
And there was the answer: give experiences, not possessions.

I asked my friend to think of three things/experiences/pastimes that she had no time for. She wrote all those down and so did I. Then the fun part began: we were drawing each other's cards and proceeded to realise our dreams 😊. There were both material and immaterial things that we chose and we managed to fulfill them all within approximately 24 hours with no hassle at all.

Have a try. Take up the challenge. It can help you spend some quality time with a friend or relative, learn new things about them, and open up a dialogue for a compromise if the wish is not attainable or fully enjoyable for both of you. Do not worry if you can not realise all of the things at once (it could be, after all, hard to have a swim in the lake when it is freezing outside). You will have an activity to focus on during your next meeting/weekend/holidays.

You will realise that some of the wishes will be completely cost-free. Or, like in my case, you can learn that two of the three wishes were exactly the same for your friend and you. Interesting, isn't it?

What other presents could make your companions happy?
What presents could make you happy?

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