Challenge accepted

If you are interested in adopting a minimalist lifestyle but your inhibitions take over, let me reassure you.

As The Minimalists put it in their book, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life, you can do anything for ten days, right?

This is where some minimalism challenges may be of use. If you are scared or unsure of what minimalism may bring about, try out some of those challenges for any period of time and simply assess if the scope, duration, or rules are cut out to your needs. If not, redesign. 

Minimalism has to serve you; not the other way round.

Right now, I am collecting ideas and gradually implementing some of the minimalist challenges:

The details will follow over the upcoming weeks :)

You will gradually see the results and maybe - just maybe - adopt some of the challenges in your life. 

You can do anything for ten days, right?

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