Project 10x10 - summary


Ten days of Project 10x10 passed in the blink of an eye. It's the time for a short summary! Although the challenge was not the easiest one, it proved to be extremely enjoyable and even life-simplifying :).

It was a bit hard given that I had limited choice due to my capsule wardrobe for work. Also, I celebrated my birthday during the weekend so I had to include one great dress for weekend only! Last but not least, the ever-changing weather also made it all the more tricky :)

I created the following sets of out my 10 items:

And these are my favourites:

  • Project 10x10 is a great tool to start up a solid base of cross-matching items. And you do not have to resign from colours or patterns!
  • Taking photos of the clothes helps create the perfect clothes menu in advance :) However taking pictures of yourselves is also really handy. Unfortunately  did not document all of my sets this time... 
  • Dresses serve as very nice...skirts! For example together with a sweater.
  • Colourful gadgets just like turbans, headwraps, or jewellery can really spice up your monotonous (and monochromatic!) looks.
  • I felt nothing but emptiness after those 10 days... and I didn't know what to wear!
I can't wait for another, wintertime Project 10x10! :)

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