I deleted all of my emails today.


Once read and answered, I usually did not return to reread them at any point. I am also not a fan of newsletters and I had unsubscribed from all SPAM that brings no value.

And yet there I was, hoarding about 2,000 emails in my inbox. Today I decided to put an end to it. First of all, I flagged all of the important emails and resolved to keep them. I made use of "mark all unflagged" option (what a great tool it is!) and started deleting. Then I did the same with SPAM and Sent folders. The remaining 9 "important" emails were lurking in the inbox. Little did they know that they were going to get expelled as well. I looked into them and realised that what I really cared for were the attachments (electronic invoices, tickets, music). This is where my cloud disk came in handy. I moved the files I wished to keep there and completely cleared my email account. Then I took a deep breath.

Digital clutter can be so overwhelming at times...

And digital declutter is so liberating!

How does your inbox look like?

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