3 Hardcore Zero Waste Practices

Zero waste will never cease to amaze me :). Still, here are some examples that seem too hardcore for me...

Peeing in the shower
Arguments in favour, such as saving water, hygenic and health reasons, smaller toilet paper usage and the fact that allegedly everybody does it do not convince me... So far.

Also known as freeganism. It means nothing else than looking for food and other articles in the dumpster. Although I am a co-owner of a cofeetable of a dumpster origin, the prospect of trashcan food from an unknown source bewilders me. Of course, prior to dumpster diving spree, you need loads of knowledge and a pinch of luck...
This topic is vital and necessary as the masses of food wasted worldwide are even more bewildering... Yet personally, before dumpster diving, I opt for foodsharing.

Cats using the toilet
Teaching cats to use the toilet is contrary to their nature. Depriving them of a comfortable position and opportunity to bury their droppings can cause serious behavioural and health problems. On top of that, it is probably a very mundane and time-consuming task. We will also have no chance to see if there is anything wrong with our cat's pee or poo which may entail some kind of disease.
I will definitely not sacrifice my cat's instinct and well-being in the name of zero waste or my own convenience. There are numerous sites with tips on potty trainings for felines, however I will not share them. Instead, if I haven't convinced you, let Jackson Galaxy do the trick (link)!

Out of the three examples, I will never implement the last one. Not sure about the rest.
How about you? Have you tried any of the above?
Or perhaps you also heard of some exotic, hardcore zero waste practices? It would be nice to hear them... and maybe give them a try ;)

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