I decided to summarise my current way towards minimalism. I had a good think about my successes, struggles, and plans for the future.... this is how I made a list of 5 things I minimised, 5 things I am minimising and 5 things I will minimise.

5 things I minimised

  1. Books. Of course, I did not get rid of them completely, but significantly reduced their number. It was much easier and faster than I'd thought! All the books that I had no deeper connection with were donated to a local elderly home.
  2. Emails. Very purifying experience. You should give it a try!
  3. Cosmetics. I purged about 50% of my artillery and changed its display by using the KonMari method. This way it's easier to keep an eye on everything and there's no risk of excess.
  4. Cotton pads. While having quite a large reserve of them, I invested in a special cloth to remove my make up. Gradually, my pads reserves depleted and... I never bought them any more! The cloth really does the trick and is truly indispensable at home and during journeys.
  5. Q-tips. Damp toilet paper of cotton cloth are sufficient instead.

5 things I am minimising.

  1. Excess clothes. Although I have minimised my wardrobe, some of the clothes are still awaiting their new owners on Vinted and during clothes collections or swaps.
  2. Chewing gum. Like in the cotton pads' case, my supply of gums are fading and I'm starting to use... dried cloves. They taste great and make your breath very fresh. You can also add them to a DIY toothpaste.
  3. Ready made cat food. They are gradually making way for my hand made BARF.
  4. Hair products. Here is where project bottom came in handy. I managed to stockpile a great amount of shampoos and conditioners (with better and worse ingredients lists) and actually I'm not buying anything new until I run out of something. It also provoked me to have a good think about what's good for my hair... And I realised that as much as I tried to treat them like they were straight... They are desperately trying to be wavy! That's how I'm beginning mature haircare using the curly girl method. It seems as if minimalism equals naturalism!
  5. Tampons and pads. I choose reusables over single-use products: organic cotton pads and a menstrual cup. It's better for the environment, my comfort, my bank account AND for my health!

5 things I will minimise

  1. Social media. Once in a blue moon I have a social media free day. Only then do I realise how frequently I check them. I waste too much time on this.
  2. Processed foods. It's high time to cook more and simply eat better.
  3. Paper handkerchiefs. I will follow in my father's footsteps and use cotton ones!
  4. Synthetic detergents. I will make some of them on my own and replace some with more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  5. Organic waste in my bin. Composting is one of my long-term aims. I will try to realise it after moving to my dream home.
And what does your #555 look like? :)
If you also want to have it written in black and white here is where you can download the template of the graphics above.

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